Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I certify my software downloads with DL Shield?

A DL Shield badge certifies your download as genuine and safe, thus giving your users peace of mind. Users will know that the download you are offering is safe and doesn't contain any malicious software that can harm their computers.

Why should I choose DL Shield over other trust seals providers?

DL Shield is one of the few software download certifications that actually tests the download file for security issues and malware. Many other trust seals only check your website and your SSL certificate for integrity and confirm that you have a valid privacy policy. While that helps to build user trust, it doesn't assure your customers that the software they download is safe. A DL Shield badge certifies that the software on your website is safe to download and install. This assurance gives your users peace of mind, which leads to more downloads and sales.

How does a DL Shield badge reassure visitors?

There are so many fake sites and malicious software downloads around that consumers have become reluctant to download software from sites they don't know and don't trust. As a result, many software developers struggle to give their website visitors enough confidence to download their software and buy it. The DL Shield badge tells your website visitors that the download files you're offering have been rigorously tested and are safe to download and install.

What is malware?

Malware stands for malicious software. It's one of the biggest problems users and software download sites face because hackers exploit security holes on website server, install malware without the publisher's consent and ultimately infect their customers' computers. DL Shield will help you prevent that from happening by testing your downloadable files and verifying them as safe.

Are DL Shield trust seals available to international customers?

Yes, we offer software download certifications to developers and publishers from all over the world.

Are DL Shield trust seals available in different languages?

Currently DL Shield trust seals are only available in English.

Is DL Shield an SSL provider?

DL Shield is not an SSL provider.

Can I use one badge on multiple sites?

No. You may use a DL Shield badge per software product because our certification tests and certifies download files on a particular site. DL Shields badges display information specific to the certified product and website, so we require each site to have a dedicated badge. If you want to use a DL Shield badge on multiple sites, you'll need to purchase multiple subscriptions.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club) and PayPal.

Where is the best place to put the DL Shield trust seal?

We recommend adding the badge to your home page, download page, the cart, your log-in page, and all other pages on your website where you feel your customers need assurance.

Do I need SSL to display a DL Shield badge on my website?

No, you don't. DL Shield verifies the downloads you offer on your website as safe and malware-free. DL Shield is available for all websites regardless of whether they offer SSL-secured transactions or not.

How do I add a DL Shield badge to my website?

Once your application for a DL Shield badge has been approved, you'll be able to post a DL Shield trust seal on your website by adding some simple JavaScript to your website's HTML.

Can I get a DL Shield trust seal with a transparent background?

Yes. DL Shield trust seals are available with a transparent background as well as with a white background.

Am I allowed to use the DL Shield trust seal in marketing materials to promote my software and my website?

Yes. As long as you are a current customer, you may use your DL Shield trust seal in your newsletters, advertisements and other promotional materials. Contact us for more information on how you can use your DL Shield badge.

I can't log into my DL Shield account. What to do?

Please click here to contact our support team for assistance.

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